A Brand-New stand-alone Large Scale
Medical Laboratory in the heart of Colombo.

(Company Registration No: PV118267, Public Health Services Reg No: PHSRC/L/928)

Forte Diagnostics has a sophisticated and spacious laboratory that is spread over a total area of 5,000 sq.ft in a prime location. It has a team of dedicated, qualified and experience professionals who are competent to handle wide range of specialized tests Over 10,000 parameters can be processed per day, indicating the volume of operations.


Forte Diagnostics is equipped with highly advanced and state-of-the-art technology & analyzers to process samples in various departments.


Forte Diagnostics is committed to its responsibility of delivering accurate, reliable results and it is the only Laboratory services company that offers its clients an array of laboratory tests ranging from routine tests to complex genomics under one roof.


Forte Diagnostics quaking the entire diagnostic industry by establishing a high end sophisticated diagnostic center capable of running 1000+ special tests under one roof within a fraction of competitors Turnaround Time (TAT). The facility in Colombo has the potential to cater to the entire country without any added support and reputed Pathologists, Consultants and Microbiologists authorize every released report. This is accompanied with a 24/7 dedicated Cloud based Computer System which facilitates the One on One interaction with Pathologists and doctors having queries about released reports and patients who have queries about tests and test preparations.


The proximity of this facility which connects many prime locations has been one of the main advantages as it can connect any corporate partner and many small clinics with the help of a well-equipped and dedicated logistics team capable of reaching city’s corners and outskirts which otherwise would have been difficult to reach.

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